Feb 16, 2011

The Making of Motherless Daughters

There's a really nice, very short clip over at Vimeo from the documentary-in-progress The Club about motherless women--the filmmakers did this interview with me about a year ago, talking about how I found the very first women I interviewed for the book. (Back in the pre-internet era.) They came to my house in LA and we had a beautiful afternoon together. Their hearts are 100 percent in the right place. Filmmakers contact me all the time about making a documentary about motherless daughters, but Carlye and Katie have gotten further along than any of them. Here's hoping they make it all the way to distribution!

I can't for the life of me figure out how to save this video to my hard drive and embed it, so I'll provide the link right here.

If you're interested in the documentary The Club, you can read more about it and see a trailer featuring Rosie O'Donnell here or join The Club's Facebook group.

Congratulations Katie and Carlye! You're doing beautiful work.


Emilia Benton said...

Very cool! So glad to see you're starting to post more often.

P.S. If you go to your link and copy the embed code (click embed to see it,) you can share it by simply editing your blog post in HTML and pasting it.

Emilia Benton said...

Gahhh typos. That comma and closed parenthesis should be reversed (it's the editor in me).

Laura/Readerwoman said...

I am one of those having a difficult time with being "motherless" even though I am "50-something" and fully understand it is the natural progression of things! Thanks for a great post, and the information on Motherless Daughters...